October 6, 2015

Thanks KALX & WDXR

Thanks for everyone who opted out of ACL to catch our show at Strange Brew!  It was a really fun show put together out of necessity after Robert injured his hand 2 weeks ago. With a rapid recovery though, he was able to play 4-5 songs  on guitar and some percussion to back up the guest musicians, which included Anne and Dave Ducharme-Jones (Dave Ducharme-Jones Band), Patti Dixon (Dixie Chicks writing credits), Brady Hughes and David Breaux (from Johnny Law) doing a few of their own originals.

Meanwhile our indie/diy promotion for our new record, Patience, is reaching a few ears, with KALX in Berkeley and WDXR in New Orleans showing us some love.  Been getting some nice comments and feedback from the Fluence site as well.

See you at the Saxon Pub in Austin on November 7th, we will have the full band for this one!


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