September 21, 2016

Good Times on the Road!

Well, we had a great time out on our first tour together! 3600 miles, 8 or so shows in 3 weeks.  Weather was great, traffic not bad, met some wonderful people and reconnected with some old friends.

Round One Thanks:

Greg and Destinee at One 2 One in Austin where we kicked it off, Chantell at Logon in Beaumont, Monte McWilliams and Rick Busy for the Beaumont gig, CAT 5 for the piece in the Beaumont Enterprise, Alica Hargreaves at KVLU for the interview,  Dmac’s in NOLA where we left our merch case full of tee shirts (it was still there on the way back, along with the cash inside!), Audra Rouse in NOLA for picking up the shirts and playing us on WDXR, Rich and staff at Green Door in Fort Walton Beach, Chris Manson in Destin for the piece in the Beachcomber, John at Lorelei in Islamadora (where we saw a manatee in the water right behind the stage), Jan and Rick for putting us up in Key Largo, Kid Loki at the Bunker for hosting in Tampa/Ybor, Frank and Annette for hanging in Tampa, Gale Trippsmith & Kirk Adams for letting us sit in in Clearwater, Chris Blanc and staff at Dandelion in Orlando, Dana and Spencer for support and breakfast in Orlando…




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