May 22, 2017

CD Release Date Sept. 10th!

We will be celebrating at One-2-One Bar in Austin on Sunday, September 10th at  6:30, hope to see you there! Putting the final touches on the recording next week, and working on videos for at least 2 of the songs.  Production team Mark Hallman and Andre Moran have been amazing to work with, and Mark even contributed one of his compositions for us to use.  Stephen Doster lent his playing skills to a song, as did Tyler Mabry and B. Sterling Archer.  Our “regulars” (Aaron Parks – drums, Mike Rieman – bass and David Breaux – keys) played on most of the songs and will be with us at One-2-One.

In support of the record, we are headed back to the Seattle area in late September, followed by a Gulf Coast tour to Florida and back in October.  Also keep an eye out for some Robert and Hilary duo shows this summer.

Sad to hear about George Reiff’s passing, what a sweet guy.  George played on our Doster produced EP a few years ago, check out the bass lines on Salt of the Earth, which George truly was.




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