September 8, 2015

Big Thanks!!

Thanks so much for the great turn out at One-2-One Bar in Austin for our cd release party! Some days one wonders why we do what we do, but to see so many new and old friends together and share some music definitely reminded us why we do it!

Up next is These Fine Moments and Friends at Strange Brew (Austin) on October 4.  The format will loosely be Robert & Hil as hosts, with 3-4 special guests (stayed tuned for details) playing some of their own songs and joining us for a few, then we will close out the night with a short TFM set.

Also, honored to be included in Appetizer’s Top Indie Albums list!

appetizer radio show


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September 3, 2015

CD is Out, iTunes & CD Baby!


September 3, 2015

By Danny McCloskey, The Alternate Root, LLC

Austin, Texas duo These Fine Moments expand on the work of 1970’s singer/songwriters with an added lushness to the recording of their recently released album, Patience. The sonic influence is presented as a hint towards an audio past yet under producer Mark Hallman lays his hands on the tracks to give the songs modern tones and textures. Robert Watts and Hilary Kaufman formed These Fine Moments in 2010, recording and adding Patience to their two previous album releases. Individual voices peak out occasionally, though it is the blending of the pair’s vocals that is glue holding the album in place.

An Indie view of Pop gives the songs of Patience shine without polishing the human element from the recording. Robert’s influences of personal Pop favorites ranges from Big Star to Paul McCartney, Patience nods to muses though still plays the sonic brand of These Fine Moments. Hilary flies solo as she weighs taking another drink or finding out firsthand the benefits of getting out and getting going in “Layin’ Low”. These Fine Moments open Patience with its title track following a persistent patter as it tries on virtue while “Hearing Voice” cruises on a rock’n’roll jangle, “This Time of Year” takes love down from the shelf to weather trying calendar months, and “You Already Know” exits with the knowledge that all the answers are there as it wonders just how to attach them to questions.


September 1, 2015


THESE FINE MOMENTS (Independent Release)

Reviewed by Greg Forest, Heart Beat of the Texas Hill Country Magazine

Two longtime Austin writers and performers Hilary Kaufmann and Robert Watts teamed up in 2010 to form These Fine Moments – focusing their talents on radio-ready original tunes. Both have experience in previous bands, Hilary was a member of the cosmic dust devils V1 0.0. This CD, entirely of songs written by Kaufmann and Watts, has more than a few things to say about life and love.

A favorite song is “Hearing Voices”, a snappy tune about the voices that can whisper in the thoughts of us all. In a close second is the title song, “Patience” which weighs the truth in the old adage that patience is a virtue. Produced by Mark Hallman, an Austin A-team producer for decades, has brought his magic to this recording with him, playing a number of instruments and handling the mixing and mastering process, too, making this a cohesive storytelling project start to finish.

The CD is due for release on September 1st with a release party in Austin at the One-2-One Bar, 1509 South Lamar on September 6th. Hilary and Robert have penned songs worthy of your ears. “These Fine Moments” may be more accurately titled ”These Fine Tunes”.


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July 15, 2015

Cd Release Date Sept. 6!

hil running b-w

photo by Brenda Ladd

Mark your calendars for a FREE SHOW  at 8:00 pm Sunday September 6 (that’s Labor Day weekend), at One-2-One Bar, 1509 S. Lamar across from Saxon Pub. The new record is called Patience, with 9 new songs produced by Mark Hallman.  We had a host of awesome players, including Mark, Andre Moran, Dave Ducharme-Jones, David Valley and Tyler Mabry and look forward to sharing the results with you!


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