April 6, 2015

We are Soooo Close!

rw heritage studio

A weekend here, a day there, been doing what we can to make this new release happen and after 3 months of work we are down to the last day of overdubs!  Producer Mark Hallman and engineer Andre Moran at Congress House have done a great job of not only getting the recordings done but also pitching in on bass, drums, guitars, keys, cheerleading, etc.

Working title is Not Afraid of Drowning, taken from lyrics to one of the new songs (Mark’s suggestion).  It will feature 9 brand new songs and 5-6 “used” songs as bonus tracks.  The project started out as an EP to pair with last year’s Sooner or Later, recorded at EAR Studio with the amazing Stephen Doster and James Stevens, but we got on a roll and just kept going with the writing and recording.

Some great players on this one, featuring some of our regular band members Dave Ducharme Jones, Tyler Mabry, David Valley, and Robert and Hilary.

Mixing and mastering should be underway by the end of the month, and we are looking forward to a July release date.  In the meantime join us for Hil’s birthday on April 25th and Strange Brew on May 21st!

rw hil studio floor

hil dave mark on couch

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March 9, 2015

These Fine Moments on SoundCloud!

We are on Soundcloud as of March 9, 2015. Please follow us and share some of our playlists if you like. We’re excited to start following some other great musicians and become part of the Soundcloud community. See you there!

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February 9, 2015

Not Afraid of Drowning

asg 2015

Not Afraid of Drowning: working title for our upcoming release w/ Mark Hallman.  7 tunes in the can and ready to mix, with 2-3 more that should be done in the next month or so.  Probably looking at a release sometime this summer! (more…)

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